Bem vindo ao Museu do Automóvel da Estrada Real
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Packard Patrician 1952
American luxury model, made in Detroit, Michigan and South Bend, Indiana.
Mercury Monterey 1956
This Ford model brought in a new 235 HP engine. The Monterey’s production ended after 1974.
Aero Willys Ace 1952
An American car presented to the public in the choice of models Lark, Wing, Ace and Eagle.
Studebaker Champion 1948
A rare car in excellent condition, this model was produced between 1939 and 1958. The coupé model had a futuristic design.
Buick Torpedo 1928
This stunning model was produced in 1928.
Citroën 2CV
This little car was a huge success in Europe.

The Automobile Museum was opened in 2006 but the collector Rodrigo Cerqueira Moura began to acquire and restore the cars from 1976 onwards.

The Museum is located at the Sitio Pau D’angu – on the road “Estrada Real” between Tiradentes and Bichinho (about 5 kms. from Tiradentes).

Opening hours: Sunday to Sunday from 09.00 to 18.00 - Contact: (32) 3799-8033

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