Bem vindo ao Museu do Automóvel da Estrada Real
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The Story

Since 1976 car collector Rodrigo Cerqueira Moura has been acquiring old cars and restoring them in the workshop on his small farm near Bichinho in the district of Prados, Minas Gerais.

These vehicles are part of a private collection comprising 55 cars fully restored and a further 20 in the queue for refurbishing.

The passion of spending his spare time working on automobile engines, allied to the liking for old cars handed down by his father, Antonio Moura (Mr. Toné), led him to start his collection in 1976 with a 1952 Mercedes-Benz and a 1951 Willys Jeep.

What you’ll find in the Museum

The Museum boasts several rare cars including a 1953 Renault Fregate as well as classics like the Austin Mini and the Citroën 2CV, along with Brazilian rarities like the Simca Chambord, DKW Vemag and the Renault Dauphine.

All the Museum vehicles are used on outings to collectors' meetings all over Brazil and are available for rental for a variety of events like weddings, film shoots and television productions.

You’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the story behind each one of the cars on show, as well as enjoying the pleasant family-friendly atmosphere and hospitality of the place.

A journey into the past

The Royal Road Automobile Museum is located between the beautiful historic town of Tiradentes and Prados, near the famous and tranquil little village of Bichinho (Vitoriano Veloso).

Visitors to Tiradentes should not miss the chance to take in the Museum and go over a little of the automobile’s history. About 5 kilometers from Tiradentes lies a real treasure-trove kept by the collector Rodrigo Cerqueira Moura, an ardent fan of antique cars, who keeps a rare collection of about fifty vehicles on his small farm of both foreign and Brazilian models..

In order to keep these cars in perfect working order, team work is a must. This team consists of Rodrigo himself who is a mechanical engineer and two expert restoration technicians: Geraldo Magela Furtado, known as Tenório, a specialist in car body and dashboard restoration, and José Geraldo Teixeira, responsible for panel beating and painting.

The vehicles usually arrive as scrap metal and through a combination of painstaking work, rigorous attention to detail, technique and art, they are transformed into brand new cars. The vehicles on display at the Royal Road Automobile Museum seem to have just come off the assembly lines at their respective factories. The end result is unbelievably beautiful!

On a journey through time, you’ll be thrilled to discover this precious collection. This marvel is open to the public from sunday through Sunday at a cost of R$ 20,00 with half admission for students, teachers and over 60 years.